TRUSTED CCTV (Pt 2) Operational Standards - Levels 3 and 4 'Silver' and 'Bronze' PDF's

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The Part 2 TRUSTED CCTV Operational Standards are specifically designed to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a wide range of Security Camera Systems already in use.

The Level 3 'Silver' standard is suitable for general corporate environments which are less challenging in terms of security level or public safety demands, whilst the entry level 'Bronze' standard is intended for a broad range of non critical everyday situations.

In order to achieve either 'Silver+' or 'Bronze+' certification, an independent assessment will also need to be carried out ​by a competent and experienced CCTV or security practitioner. The normal Level 3 'Silver' and Level 4 'Bronze' standards are based on self assessment and compliance, and therefore do not require the additional cost of an independent expert audit.

Customised versions of this standard for either specific users ( e.g. Hospitals, Schools, Stations, Retail etc.) or alternative language versions can be developed where appropriate.

The existing documents are:-

• Supplied as A4 format PDF files
• Silver Level 3:-  109 pages in total,  143 Components to be completed,  49 'Optional' components
• Bronze Level 4:- 101 pages in total,  129 Components to be completed,  45 'Optional' components
• Update versions 2.1.2 available January 2017
• Printed hardcopy Book options available shortly
• Price includes free email delivery
• Single Site use only
• Multi site use P.O.A.
• Cover image provided for illustrative purposes only, and may be subject to change

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